Gold-Plated Necklace and Earrings by Attwood and Sawyer

Gold-Plated Necklace and Earrings by Attwood and Sawyer

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Gold-Plated Necklace and Earrings by Attwood and Sawyer

The vintage, gold-plated necklace and clip-on earrings are set with Swarovski crystals and were made by Attwood and Sawyer.

The necklace has a chain set with clear, baguette- and round-cut crystals, and supports a pear-shaped pendant set with a cut, pear-shaped, amethyst-coloured crystal, surrounded by clear crystals. The necklace is marked “A&S” on the pendant and “A&S (scripted)” on the clasp.

The earrings were made to match the necklace. They are pear-shaped and are set with cut, pear-shaped, amethyst-coloured crystals surrounded by clear crystals. The earrings are marked “A&S”.

Attwood and Sawyer, founded in Wales in 1956, produced high-end imitation jewellery and made copies of precious ornaments from the 18th to 19th centuries. The jewellery is generally 22ct gold plated and set with Rhinestones or Swarovski crystals. They made jewellery for TV shows, such as Dynasty and Dallas, and sold their decorations in prestigious retail outlets around the world. The company also produced a historical collection of exact copies of the jewellery of the Duchess of Windsor. Buckley Jewellery Ltd bought the company in 2001.

 Weight                                   Necklace – 38.5g

                                                Earrings – 9.8g

Age                                         Circa 1970

Dimensions                             Necklace - 40cm long; 5.1mm wide

                                                Pendant - 21mm x 13.5mm

        Earrings – 19mm 14mm

Condition                                Excellent

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