Glass Bowl by Arne-Jon Jutrem for Hadeland Glassverk

Glass Bowl by Arne-Jon Jutrem for Hadeland Glassverk

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Glass Bowl by Arne-Jon Jutrem for Hadeland Glassverk

The large glass bowl was designed by Arne-Jon Jutrem (1929-2005) for Hadeland Glassverk. It is mould blown with folded rim and the body is decorated with a diamond pattern. It shades from a pale green to dark blue. It has an etched signature on the base along with the number 4115. It has a foil and paper label on the rim (somewhat worn).

"Arne-Jon Jutrem was educated at the State Academy of the Arts School under Carl von Hanno, Finn Faaborg and Karl Høgberg from 1946 to 1950. From 1950 to 1967 he worked with great versatility as an artist in a wide variety of serial production, including electronics (refrigerators and heaters), as well as furniture, wallpaper, textiles and tin goods. He even designed stamps, posters, and catalogues. However, it was as a designer of glass that he made a name for himself – one the best in Scandinavia in the post-war period. In the years 1950-1962, he was associated with Hadeland Glassverk, where he designed art glass and also tableware for series production. Along with Willy Johansson and Hermann Bongard and in close collaboration with glassblowers, he experimented with new techniques. This resulted in a number of smaller series of interesting art glass, which still stands as highlights of modern Norwegian glass. This helped develop his ability as a form and colour artist with a penchant for glass graphic options. His pioneering work in the 60s and 70s extended the rich diversity in terms of studio glass. The urge to experiment with greater artistic freedom led Jutrem to Holmegaard Glassworks in Denmark for a brief period, where he worked as a freelance designer in the years 1962-1964. In 1967 he created glass sculptures in Fredrikstad for the World Exhibition in Montreal. At the same show he also signed up with the designer Tormod Alnæs, whose furniture manufacturing business of the same name worked in steel, glass and acrylic. In 1967 Jutrem decided to refine his wide focus and concentrate more fully on the visual arts with an emphasis on painting. As an artist Jutrem’s work began to show greater vigour in form and colour – expressive, abstract work, seeking movement rather than a static presence; ambiguity rather than absolute. Growth is a recurring motif, often expressed in calligraphic elegance and a rich, sometimes violent palette. “The Four Seasons” (1980) in the vestibule of Jevnaker community shows characteristics typical of Jutrem as a painter. The artworks on his 1982 Oslo show, however, had a stronger figurative element, with themes about suffering and death. Jutrem has conducted a number of public commissions, including major works in metal, glass and enamel where his previous experience as a versatile craftsman has come his benefit".
Author: Albert Steen - Translated

Age                                                     Circa 1961 - 1963
Weight                                                2550g
Dimensions                                        24.5cm diameter x 18.0cm tall
Condition                                            Excellent
Origin                                                  Norway
Stock Code                                         BB960

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