Antonio Belgiorno, Argentina, Silver and 18ct Gold Bracelet

Antonio Belgiorno, Argentina, Silver and 18ct Gold Bracelet

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Antonio Belgiorno Silver and 18ct Gold Bracelet


Open Belgiorno silver bangle with curved textured surface and applied 18ct gold hemispheres. Marked “A. Belgiorno”, “AB” with crown  and “buenos aires.

Antonio Belgiorno and María Angelica Morteo married in 1931, and this heralded the start of the Belgiorno style in silver. When they married, they lived in La Falda, in the Argentinian province of Córdoba. In those days, silver was not considered a suitable metal for the manufacture of men or women’s accessories, the preference at that time being gold. In the early ‘30s, Argentinean and European society frequented the Eden Hotel in La Falda, where Antonio Belgiorno presented his work for the first time. Due to the originality of his designs and the novelty of using silver as an alternative to gold in the production of jewellery, the business grew rapidly. They established the business in a chalet, which served both as their home and also as the store for the sale of jewellery. From those early days, the future of the business was designed to attract the customer with discerning taste. The couple was childless, however one of María Angelica's nephews, Juan Morteo, who lived with them, began working for the company. In the following years, the company opened branches in several Argentinean cities, such as Rosario de la Frontera, Bariloche (in the Llao Llao hotel), Mar del Plata (boulevard), and Capital Federal, where they relocated the main store early on. In 1962, Antonio became ill and he died four years later. In 1970 María Angelica and her nephew, Juan Morteo, decided to move the main store to 1347 Santa Fe Avenue, in Capital Federal. They were responsible for the ongoing development of the style and expansion of the business. Today, Juan Morteo's son, Darío Morteo, and his business partner, Silvio Faoro, continue to preserve the spirit of the company and the style of a store that is considered the “symbol and seal of Argentinean silverware".


Age                                         Circa 1950
Weight                                    43g
Dimensions                             7cm x 6cm x 3,2cm
Condition                                Excellent
Origin                                      Buenos Aires, Argentia
Stock code                              BD817